Hannah’s Shared Insight

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The following is a personal observation with shared insight that Hannah Nydam sent to me in an email. Hannah, a dear personal friend and mentor, granted me permission to post this. From my perspective, it is truly profound. Enjoy:  I have watched with dismay as the nation’s arena has unleashed itself in fury encompassing all the […]

Pink Elephants and Spilled Milk

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Repeatedly most all of us have heard the phrase: Don’t cry over spilled milk. We understand this concept well. Don’t waste time or emotion on accidents or other unpleasant events. Clean up, forget, move on. This is a simple statement that offers profound wisdom if applied. Recently a personal acquaintance expressed understanding of the importance to […]

Don’t Call Me Superstitious

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Victimization is merely an attitude, never reality. Do you agree?  A child is kidnapped and abused.  A man is held at gunpoint and robbed of his possessions and then shot to death.  A young college girl is beaten, raped, and left in the desert to die.  An elderly couple loses their entire retirement savings from […]

Our Spiritual Kingdom

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Let’s pretend you just received a cut on your arm.  How do you heal once discovering the wound and feeling the pain?  Nature offers its remedy.  If you clean and bandage the wound, your chances for success are phenomenal.  You heal.  You rely on that power within that is ever willing to work for your […]

Human Potential

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In less than a year, the United States will have a new president.  The four year mark is here again and becomes as consistent as knowing that with each new day we experience another sunrise.  We have watched over the past year or more a series of presidential hopefuls seeking what has come to be […]


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